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You might think it’s plenty difficult to remember to apply sunscreen when it’s warm and sunny outside. And most of us have a few lines and spots on our skin to testify to the fact that we don’t remember. So you might also think that the best thing about winter is that at least we don’t have to worry about the SPF, right? Not so fast.

Winter sun warning Your skin can be just as vulnerable to sun damage in the winter, especially if sunlight is reflecting off snow. The potential for UV sun damage is plenty high during the winter months, even if the temperatures aren’t.

UV rays penetrate through clouds Just because it’s not sunny outside doesn’t mean you’re skin is in the shade. Up to 80% of the sun’s rays can pass through clouds, so you should protect your skin even on the gloomiest winter days.

Snow can double your sun exposure Snow intensifies sunlight, reflecting up to 80% of UV radiation. That adds up to double the exposure you would get in the summer. And if you’re exposed to sun at higher elevations, such as when you ski, your skin is at an even higher risk of sun damage.

Your skin is more sensitive in the winter Your skin produces less melanin in the winter than in the summer. That means the pigment that is your skin’s only natural protection from the sun is reduced during the winter months.

Your lips are more sensitive, too Cold weather usually means dry weather and both are hard on lips. And when your lips are dry, they’re even more vulnerable to sun exposure.

Sunscreen can decrease the aging process A recent study revealed that people who regularly wore sunscreen had no detectable signs of photo aging after four and a half years, compared to non-screen wearers.

Discover Jouer At Alison Wellness Clinic we exclusively offer Jouer Cosmetics to our clients to enhance their appearance and protect their skin, including luminizing moisture tint sunscreen and Matte moisturizer tint sunscreen. Visit us for your winter or year-round skin consultation by calling today for an appointment: (256) 489-5748.

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