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How Do You Know if IV Vitamin Therapy is for You?

IV vitamin therapy has been shown to boost your immune system, increase energy, improve the health of your skin as well as help reduce the symptoms of many chronic health problems.

Would you like to boost your immune system? Do you need more energy? Want healthier skin or just want to feel better overall? An infusion of various vitamins and minerals through IV vitamin therapy may be just what you need since it is shown to improve these issues and so much more!

While this treatment has been around for decades, you may wonder if it is a healthy and safe choice for you. Below is some great information to help you decide.

Studies show that individuals generally absorb approximately 50% of the vitamins they take by mouth. And yet, around 90% is absorbed when receiving Vitamins through an IV. People who are not able to eat enough food or have a condition that interferes with nutrient absorption would certainly be good candidates for IV therapy. But actually, everyone can benefit from vitamin IV drips! Today, most people are under chronic stress, not getting enough sleep or adequate nutrition, feeling run-down, tired, and in pain. IV therapy addresses all those concerns and helps to reach optimal nutrient levels and hydration status.

So, let’s discuss the most popular IV vitamin therapy. It is the Myers Cocktail. This was one of the first IV vitamin infusions that was developed by Dr. John Myers in the 70’s. It is just the right mix of vitamins and minerals for overall wellness. Many conditions have responded positively to Myers Cocktail Infusion. Some of the issues it helps with include chronic fatigue, asthma, migraines, depression, muscle pain and many more!

Studies also show that approximately 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Many of us are dehydrated without even knowing it. Some of the symptoms of dehydration are a loss of energy, brain fog, and a slower metabolism. IV therapy hydrates your body much faster and more efficiently than drinking water. It may seem more complicated to get an IV versus swallowing a bunch of vitamins, but IV therapy is much more effective at hydrating your body and delivering specialized nutrition.

IV vitamin therapy can be part of your regular routine or an occasional boost when you are feeling run down or under the weather. There are many IV therapy choices at Alison Wellness Clinic or we can customize one specific to your needs. You can learn more or schedule your first IV Vitamin Infusion at


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