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Unfortunately, between the ages of 35-40, declining hormones is something that happens to all of us.



  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles

  • Hot Flashes

  • Drier Skin

  • More Noticeable Lines and Wrinkles

  • Night Sweats

  • Difficulty Sleeping

  • Lack of Energy

  • Reduced Mental Focus

  • Memory Problems

  • Moodiness, Anxiety and Depression

  • Weight Gain

  • Inability to Lose Weight

  • Decreased Muscle Strength

  • Muscle and/or Joint Pain

  • Reduced sexual desire and performance

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Hormonal loss is a very difficult passage for everyone. Our mothers and grandmothers suffered in silence, but with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, we do not have to suffer. To regain your youthful energy, youthful body and youthful sex drive, these hormones must be replaced! The good news is that Alison Wellness Clinic can help you! Once your hormones are in harmony again, the bothersome symptoms will usually disappear.

Hormone Pellet Therapy

BioTE®hormone replacement pellets.


This hormone therapy provides sustained hormone levels throughout the day for three to five months, all delivered in a tiny pellet placed in the fatty tissue beneath the skin. When placed under the skin they consistently release small, physiologic doses optimally.


BioTE® pellets are made by fusing estrogen or testosterone into small cylinders, some of which are smaller than a grain of rice. With hormone pellet therapy at Alison Wellness, we then place the pellet in the fatty tissue just beneath the skin. By being always available, this placement closely mimics the actions of healthy ovaries and testicles in the way hormones are released into the bloodstream. The pellet insertion is quick and easy right in our Huntsville office. The dosage is unique to you.

Just as every one of our patients is unique, so is their BioTE® dosage. We perform a comprehensive BioTE® bloodwork analysis to determine where your hormone levels are and where they need to be. We then provide you with the pellet size and makeup that is right for you.

Who says you need to give in to the moodiness, anxiety, sleep disruptions, declining interest in sex, and the other problems related to hormone imbalances? Let the team at Alison Wellness Clinic put BioTE® hormone pellet therapy to work for you.

Hormones are an often-overlooked part of aging.


Declining hormone levels can lead to a variety of unwanted health problems because they control most body functions — including energy levels, weight management, mental clarity, the ability to maintain bone and muscle mass, and libido.

Hormone imbalances can be treated with moderate improvement through use of  patches, creams, and pills.  Alison Wellness Clinic also offers a more effective method for regulating your hormones — BioTE®hormone replacement pellets. 

  • Are IV therapy infusions safe?
    IV therapy is extremely safe and also has zero to very little side effects.
  • How long does it take to receive a treatment?
    The average time for a 1000mL treatment is 45-60 minutes. In rare instances it may go above the 60 minute mark.
  • How often should I receive IV therapy?
    Every person is different and everyone has different objectives. Your goals will determine how often to receive treatments.
  • What is the difference between IV therapy and oral vitamins?
    IV vitamins go straight into the bloodstream and bypass the gastrointestinal system allowing for more and faster absorption in the blood cells.


  • Once your hormones are naturally balanced, you’ll feel better.

  • Balancing your hormones is a crucial step to attaining optimal overall health.

  • Once balanced, you’ll feel younger, more energized and more emotionally settled.

  • When your hormones are optimally balanced, you’ll see much greater benefits from your efforts in eating right and exercising.


Alison Wellness Clinic proudly serves the North Alabama area with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Call for more information. We have offices in Huntsville and Athens.


(256) 489-5748

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