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Who among us doesn’t want to live a happier, healthier life? The obvious answer to that question had a lot to do with inspiring the creation of the professional vitamin brand we offer at Alison Wellness Clinic, Metagenics.

Reaching genetic potential through nutrition Close to 30 years ago, the idea of how the right nutrition (as it relates to our genes) could help people realize their best health was a new scientific concept. Today, keying in on differentiators to achieve successful outcomes in health is a growing and respected field of science known as, “nutrigenomics.” It includes the importance of nutritious eating and regular exercise, along with targeted support in the form of supplements.

Nutraceuticals: research-based and medical grade Our programs and products help support each patient’s unique health needs, and this can create a higher level of personalized wellness care – for your lifetime. Many chronic health conditions are the results of poor habits and stress, and they can be prevented, managed and sometimes even reversed. Health professionals encourage us to:

  • Get the right nutrients

  • Be active

  • Manage stress

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) Our TLC programs are designed to help those who suffer with chronic illness. And the programs work because they can help people develop healthy habits that can be incorporated into busy lives. TLC is available only through our specially trained licensed health care professionals, qualified to recommend and construct a regimen to meet your unique needs. And teamwork is key. Our patient support staff helps us implement the TLC programs so patients can achieve their desired health goals.

More about Metagenics These medical grade vitamins are manufactured using highly absorbable nutrient forms so your body can metabolize them the way it should in order to support health. We have a notable list of patented formulas and ingredients already, and our product development focus helps us continue to raise the bar, creating natural products that continue to be more effective and safer.

Give your body the personal care it needs Find out if TLC and Metagenics could be right for you. Make your appointment by calling today: 256-489-5748.

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