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Try our iv vitamin therapy drips In 2019

See how IV Therapy can help you start 2019 of right by not only looking better but also feeling better.

New year, new you! If you are looking to improve your overall health, obtain essential nutrients, or improve your mood – give IV Vitamin Therapy a chance this new year. See how IV Therapy can help you start 2019 of right by not only looking better but also feeling better.

What Is It? Should You Try It?

IV Therapy takes what hospitals have been doing for years in terms of fixing dehydration and nutrition deficiencies and customizes infusions for various needs all in the comfort of a therapy lounge as opposed to a hospital room. Many Americans, 75% in fact, are chronically dehydrated or are struggling with slow metabolism, brain fogs, loss of energy that IV Therapy can help correct. IV Therapy works by feeding vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into your bloodstream to help correct deficiencies that oral intakes simply cannot fix during their absorption process – in fact, IV Therapy can give patients up to 10 time more nutrients in one treatment than they could obtain orally in one day.

Explore our Drip menu

At Alison Wellness, a variety of “Drips” are available to best suit your needs ...

Simply Hydrate: If you are seeing the sluggish side effects of being dehydrated such as headaches, dizziness, or lack of energy your body may just be begging you to rehydrate. The Simply Hydrate option from Alison’s Drip menu will not only rapidly rehydrate your body, but will also instantly replace electrolytes your body may be missing. By doing this, you will see an over-all improvement in your functionality as well as your well-being. Remember that our body’s brain and organs can only function at their best abilities when we are properly hydrated.

Hangover: Did you go a little overboard drinking last night? Looking for a fast recovery? You guessed it, we have a Drip for that. It’s not wrong to overindulge from time to time but don’t let your hangover the next morning rob you from a day of productivity. This Drip is packed full of rehydrating fluids, vitamins, and anti-nausea meds that will provide fast relief and have you back on track.

Myers Cocktail: This Drip is the IV cocktail that started it all! The Myers Cocktail is widely renowned as a fix-it-all infusion. It contains the right mix of vitamins and minerals that can boost your overall wellness immediately. Whether you suffer from fatigue, migraines, depression, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, or really any other aliment – this is the one-stop-shop Drip for you.

Detox: Sometimes we need a little help with ridding our bodies of bad toxins. It may be time for a detox if you are feeling run down or notice that your metabolism has slowed. But just because it may be time for a detox, doesn’t mean that you have the time for a week long (or more) regimen – that’s where our Detox Drip can help. Sit down for this Drip and have Glutathione (one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants) clean out your body for you! Think of it like a magnet that will attract the toxins and heavy metals throughout your body and eliminate them.

As well as many other Drips that can help you boost your energy, strengthen your immunes system, or even help your body pre/post-surgery.

Know Before You Go

Know that before you come visit the Drip Lounge, IV Therapy is extremely safe and there are zero to very little side effects. Drips are going to be 1 liter of IV fluids (the equivalent of drinking TWO gallons of water) so your treatment time will be around 45 minutes up to one hour. Once you visit, Alison Wellness can help you decide how often you should receive IV therapy, since every person is different and has different health goals.

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