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True or false? You (and most people) will overeat during the holidays and gain weight. Statistics tell us the answer is a resounding, “true,” but it’s a question we could probably answer without any help from research. But there is some new research you might actually enjoy learning about.

The negative health effects of overeating may be moderated with exercise Researchers determined that people who overate for a week but also performed 150 minutes of aerobic exercise for at least six days of that same week did not have high blood sugar or bodily inflammation. Here’s why that’s significant.

High blood sugar and inflammation are linked to chronic diseases and cancer These conditions are often found in people who overeat, and exercise seems to compensate for it. This could be especially good news for healthy people who don’t chronically overeat, but do so occasionally, such as during the holidays.

It’s similar to what many studies already show Regular exercise can help bolster the body’s ability to improve blood sugar and insulin levels and reduce inflammation. So most health experts would agree that taking a walk after a big meal is also a great idea.

Exercise is not a pass to overeat No amount of exercise can completely compensate for the bad habit over overeating. You will gain weight, which can lead to health problems. While overeating occasionally isn’t likely to cause big problems, regularly taking in more calories than you can burn in a day has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, among other health problems.

Methods for moderating yourself around the holidays

  • Eat lighter for several days leading up to food events

  • If you do overeat, get right back on track the next day

  • Exercise before family gatherings

  • Do short bouts of exercise a few times a day

  • Move more, sit less

  • Do something physical every day, no matter how minimal

  • Take a walk after holiday and all big meals

For more help before, during and after the holidays, come see us Make an appointment at Alison Wellness Clinic today: 256-489-5748.

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