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At Alison Wellness, we take healthy weight loss seriously. That’s why we will create a customized program, complete with personal support, to help you reach your goals and maintain them. We also know that sometimes the simplest, most common advice can be useful when it comes to staying on your plan. So here is a dozen of our favorite bits of wisdom, starting with:

1.) Make your appointment today by calling 256-489-5748

2.) Buy some clothing in your goal size

Hang the item in plain site to help remind you what you’re working toward.

3.) Don’t watch (food) commercials

Images of high-calorie foods can stimulate your brain’s appetite control center and trigger your appetite.

4.) Try turkey to stop cravings

After a treat, eat a slice of turkey, and it could keep you from craving more.

5.) Restructure your weight loss goals

Rather than tell yourself you’re working to lose a large number of pounds, think of losing one pound at a time.

6.) Embrace the tapas trend

By that we mean, eat on small plates. You’ll feel like you’re eating more when your plate is full.

7.) Eat soup year-round

A bowl of vegetable soup or gazpacho before lunch or dinner can help you eat 20% fewer calories per meal.

8.) Remember that even nutritious foods can have lots of calories

Many healthy foods are high in calories. So don’t overdo your favorite health foods, after that they stop being healthy.

9.) Exercise in the AM

A recent study found that exercising in the morning can reduce your appetite throughout the day.

10.) Slow down

Slow down your eating that is. Chew more, pay attention and taste your food. Even consider using chop sticks to help you eat smaller bites more slowly.

11.) Pick up the beat

Research shows you will quicken your pace if you walk, run, workout or even clean your house listening to songs with a fast beat.

12.) Close your eyes and see the new you

Getting the right amount of sleep every night (7-9 hours) can help your metabolism; and while you’re falling asleep, visualize your new goal shape.

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