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Many people come to Alison Wellness Clinic to lose weight for health reasons. And sometimes one of the first questions they ask is, “what’s my perfect weight?” The answer is, “There’s no simple answer to that question. But we can provide the framework, program and the personal support that can guide you to a healthy weight for you.”

Body Mass Index (BMI) is only a starting point

The science of BMI can’t really tell you what you should weigh, as it’s more of a broad generalization taking into account body weight and height. The calculation says more about trends in the general population than anything about an individual’s healthy weight. In fact, a “good” BMI might provide a false picture of your actual health.

It doesn’t say anything about your nutrition, strength, gender or body fat percentage. BMI also doesn’t show a break out of your weight by fat type:

  • Visceral (bad)

  • Subcutaneous (bad at higher levels)

  • Brown (beneficial)

Body weight is an even worse measure of health

Your weight tells us less about your health because it doesn’t factor in height. And there are so many aspects to health and well being in addition to your weight. We define good health as feeling:

  • Energetic

  • Able to easily perform everyday tasks

  • Clear minded and able to focus

  • Secure in your ability to stay healthy as long as possible as you age

Everyone’s goals for health are different

You may want to look better, feel better or both. But the number on the scale should never define your health goals. That’s because no matter what you weigh, you are at your highest level of health when you:

  • Get the majority of your calories from nutritious food

  • Exercise three to five days per week

  • Avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time

  • Sleep seven to nine hours per night

  • Don’t smoke

  • Drink only occasionally

If you do the above, you should feel healthy and the scale will likely respond accordingly.

Let us help you reach your health and weight goals

Call for an appointment today: 256-489-5748.

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