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If you’re already over 40 (or 50 or 60) you’ve likely already experienced the results of hormonal changes and your slowing metabolism:

  • Weight starts creeping up

  • Weight loss is more difficult

  • Weight is stored in your belly (instead of hips and thighs)

To make matter worse Menopause not only disrupts your sleep, but it can also encourage your body to store more fat and crave unhealthy carbs. In fact, studies have proved that when we’re sleep deprived, we often try to compensate for our tiredness and low energy by eating more.

Losing weight is good, but… As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and is likely to sag and wrinkle with weight loss. When you shed pounds you also shed extra collagen, an important substance for helping to prevent wrinkles. But that’s not a reason to abandon your weight loss efforts. You can minimize the effects of losing weight by staying hydrated and eating nutritiously, and these days, we can take advantage of skin improvement methods such as Botox and fillers. So stick with it!

Support is key to losing weight, especially later in life

Last year, a study of weight loss among women entering menopause found that a support network really helped with some of the negative side effects of dieting, including:

  • Negative feelings

  • Difficulty overcoming weight loss

  • Changing to new, better habits

Alison Wellness is all about support

We will encourage you to look to your family and friends for support. But we provide the crucial guidance, encouragement and a plan that can be key to your success.

The safe, healthy approach combines diet and exercise

When we’re older it’s even more important that we also add the support that exercise can give to our diet. The Journal of Obesity published a study showing that a combination approach was the most effective way for post-menopausal women to lose weight and gain muscle.

We can help you make, and stick to, your commitment

Today is a great day to make your appointment. Call (256) 489-5748. We’ve got the tools and blue print for a healthier you, at any age.

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