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21 day jump start
weight loss plan

Medical Weight Loss, Huntsville Alabama Alison Wellness Clinic

Do your current eating habits need a re-set?  Or do you have a special event coming up soon and would like to lose some weight?   Sometimes a short program such as our 21 Day Jump Start can provide you with the weight loss you need and re-set and refocus your mind to make healthier choices. 


21 Days of Meals & Meal Plans along
with guidance & accountability
This diet will help you…
  • Lose weight, between 5 and 20 pounds

  • Understand why you gained weight

  • Stop the progression of diabetes, high blood pressure & other co-morbidities

  • Boost your metabolism and turn on fat burning

  • Improve fatty liver disease and encourage liver regeneration

  • Kick the sugar habit and diminish cravings

  • Control your appetite

  • Improve your A1c blood glucose levels

  • Encourage daily health practices

  • Understand how to manage your weight and improve your health for life!

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