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Woman waking up from a deep sleep, Alison Wellness Clinic can help you feel younger
Deep sleep helps your mind stay alert during the day

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “I look ten years older than my age!” Many of us have been there, but luckily there are tried and true ways to help you look and feel revitalized and more youthful immediately. Consider how you can incorporate one or all of the following seven suggestions into your life to start feeling younger right now.

  1. Quit smoking: Experts agree, the number one thing you can do to benefit your appearance and health is to stop smoking. Smoking contributes to a variety of health problems including heart disease and lung disorders.

  2. Hold the drinks: Alcohol can infuse your cells and damage genes while inflaming your liver. A glass of wine per day can be slightly beneficial, but don’t go overboard.

  3. Get some rest: Even if you get by just fine on five hours of sleep, your body needs more time to repair cells and let your heart rest. Deep sleep also helps your mind stay alert and sane throughout the day.

  4. Find a practice that specializes in anti-aging: At Allison Wellness Clinic, we offer a variety of services to help you look and feel your best as you age.

  5. Get rid of saturated fat: Cut out the cookies and ice cream, eat less red meat, and up your grain, fruit, and complex carb intake. Healthy fats found in sardines and salmon assist your body by stopping oxygen free radical molecules from hurting your cells.

  6. Cut back on your food intake: studies demonstrate that cutting down on the calories can prolong your life. Also, losing any extra pounds will help relieve unneeded strain on your body.

  7. Be positive: Studies show that those with a positive view of the aging process can live seven years more than those who complain about it.


At Allison Wellness Clinic, we look forward to helping you address your aging concerns and questions. Call our team today by contacting our office at (256) 489-5748, located in Huntsville, Alabama.

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