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Staying Healthy During the Holidays

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in its prime, it is important to remember to keep your health towards the top of your never ending to-do list. There are many ways to stay healthy during the holidays besides watching what you eat, here are some easy tips to remember during this hectic time – Tis the season for stress, am I right?

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This one may seem like a no brainer but staying hydrated can be one simple goal you achieve every day throughout the holidays. Tackling the various activities the holiday season brings like extensive shopping, social gatherings, or family get togethers is no easy task – some might even say balancing all these events could classify as an extreme sport. How will you ever sprint across your local mall to grab Black Friday deals if your body is not properly hydrated? Or sit through hours of family gossip at the dinner table? Avoid the chance or headaches lack of energy by remembering to squeeze in at least 8 glasses of water a day – or you could even try out IV therapy for your busiest days.

IV therapy is a quick way of replenishing your electrolytes and improving over-all function and well-being. At Allison Wellness, we have a Drip Lounge with various IV drip menu options for your specific needs whether it is for an energy boost or just to simply hydrate. For more information on IV Therapy and drips, visit Allison Wellness.


Unfortunately the joys of the holidays also falls right around the misery of cold and flu season. Keeping you immune system up is a good way to fight off any bad toxins that may be floating round you. There are many ways to keep your immune system strong like getting plenty of sleep, eating right, and partaking in some exercise but let’s be real, who has time for all that while you are trying to juggle all your end of the year holiday needs? An easy and time efficient way to boost your immune system could be taking a series of vitamins and supplements to keep you healthy throughout your day.

Allison Wellness has a variety of vitamins and dietary supplements that are always customized to best serve your nutritional needs. See more on how we can help strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, support weight loss, and contribute to many other areas of health wellness. Taking a series of vitamins and supplements that are tailored for you in addition to the basics of frequent hand washing, high water intake, etc. can be the saving grace you need to survive the holidays without ever getting sick.


While the holidays may seem like a holly-jolly time, we all know that they are some of the most stressful months of the year. Stress can lead to acne flare ups, dark circles under your eyes, or even expedite the signs of aging like fine-lines and wrinkles. No one wants to let their skin show their stress especially during the holidays – think about how many pictures you will be in! If you feel the pressures of the holiday season taking a toll on your skin it may be time to take a break and get into a skin care regime that works best for you.

At Allison Wellness we offer multiple skin care outlets for a variety of issues. For those wanting just at home assistance, we have a line of home skin care products that offer medically-based treatments for creating healthy skin that can be later paired with in-office skin peeling treatment and botanical masks. Read about all our skin care options on our site. We know the holidays are a time you want to look and feel your best, so let us help you put your best face forward this season.


When it’s all over and the final dinner has been had and present has been opened, give yourself a chance to renew before the new year begins. The holiday season can take a toll on your body and you may never even notice until it’s all over and you finally have a chance to catch your breath. You may realize then that you have a severe lack of energy, you may have trouble sleeping, feel bloated, or even just that you are easily irritated. These are all common results of weeks of stress working at your body’s overall wellness – avoid bringing these symptoms into the new year with a nice detox cleanse.

You can even reset and renew with Allison Wellness, for example. We have a program helps you through all 3 phases of the detoxification process to ensure proper lifestyle enhancement. See how our detox process can help you. Remember when looking up cleanses and detox options that typical cleanses and juice fasts may actually deprive your body of the essential nutrients it needs and also causes unwanted side effects.

It’s okay to feel stressed during these last few months of the year, navigating the holidays is no easy task. Just be sure to keep your well-being a top priory during this time of giving – you don’t want to start next year off feeling drained!

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