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Ready to take a fish oil supplement? Call us at Alison Wellness Clinic today to come pick yours up.
Ready to take a fish oil supplement? Call us at Alison Wellness Clinic today to come pick yours up.

I want to talk about fish. Fish + health. Fish + weight loss. Fish get in my belly already. It’s been around a long time, if you’ve read about it then you’ve probably taken it to even out your omega-6 levels – because without omega-3 to balance out the other we have issues with inflamed and irritated body parts. Eating fish is where we get our omega-6, you’re not likely to get enough omega-3 from consuming fish & that’s why it’s recommended to take as a supplement to your diet. Fish oil can offer far more benefits to your body that decreasing the portions that are inflamed.

Fish + weight loss. That’s why we’re all here. We want to consume foods that help us lose weight, in a world driven by instant gratification sometimes this is the best option. Although it’s not a miracle pill, it most definitely encourages your body to drop fat. Why? Omega-3 impacts your stress levels in a positive way while reducing inflammation. When your body is stressed it learns to hold onto fat to prepare itself for what may be thrown its way. When you control your stress levels your body functions in a normal state and has no desire to hold on to fat it doesn’t need. And then you lose weight.

Keep in mind people – taking a supplement known to help decrease weight doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight if you aren’t properly nourishing your body. Justifying that big mac as okay because you take a fish oil supplement is a disservice to your body. And you won’t see a difference in that respect.

Fish + Health. So – you’re reducing inflammation and fat in the body. That’s pretty cool. But, let’s not stop there.

Fish oil is also great for your heart – lowering the risk of heart disease. LOVE it. It has a positive influence on mental disorders – because your brain is made up of a lot of fat, adding omega-3 supports brain health. Smart.

Fish oil combats depression & anxiety – these issues are related to low levels of omega-3 (are you seeing a pattern here?).

Fish oil for your eyes – another place in your body subject to omega-3’s. It’s been speculated to help with so many other things as well. You need it & you’ll thank me when you start to see the benefits in action.

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