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I’m not going to get all up in your feels, more like how your body feels about food.

The way your body reacts to food has a large impact on how your body processes that food and stemming reactions from those foods. Food allergies cause a severe reaction, we know that. If peanuts make your airways swell – don’t eat them.

Let’s be rocket scientists for a moment. If food is nourishing and our body needs certain foods to process at a maximum level, feeding it those nourishing foods will allow your body to thrive without any annoying or embarrassing conditions.

You eat healthy, you swear. Its vegan, fresh, good proteins, good fats, minimal carbs, tons of veggies and of course the occasional fruit. But your skin is always dry & you’re always anxious. Why? Don’t be too sensitive now but the food products we create are often clouded with ingredients that negate the “Sugar Free” label on your high protein Special K breakfast bar. It’s likely that those clouded ingredients are irritating your body and wreaking havoc with your skin and emotions girl.

Our nation’s common misconception of that box of bars that says it’s healthy for you and what’s actually healthy for you is devastating to our bodies. & to our minds. So when we hear that you eat healthy, you swear, we’re waiting to hear that you don’t eat processed foods – rather you eat raw fruits and veggies & lean meats.

That brings me to Food Sensitivity Testing. Yes, it’s totally a thing. Give up some of your blood and have it tested against various foods and find out which foods don’t sit right with your body. Then eliminate them from your diet. It’s the simplest way to detoxify and heal those body problems you have. What body problems? There you go being sensitive again. The wrong foods can cause tons of issues internally and externally like – dry skin, itchy skin, inflammation, leaky gut, fatigue, feeling bloated, migraines or headaches, gassiness, recurrent yeast infections, seasonal allergies, diarrhea, eczema, rosacea, even joint pain people. The list goes on. Body problems. And let’s be honest, no one enjoys any of the things I just listed. Things that you can control, with food.

At Alison Wellness, we’ll draw your blood. Run it through a food panel of about 100 different foods. Do an extensive lab review and offer a weekly follow up post testing. & boom you had a food sensitivity test. Post-test you should be able to make smarter decisions on the foods you consume because you’ll know how they’ll make you feel when you do.

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