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Research continues to show us ways that high concentrations of body fat can be bad for our health, including our mental health:

It’s hard to think

Studies have shown that our brains are healthier when we’re leaner and in better shape. But as we gain weight, our brains suffer. Initially, we might just feel lethargic, but over time, we can actually harm our brains. Research has also shown that obesity and inactivity when we’re younger can lead to serious cognitive issues later in life.

A vicious cycle

Many aspects of modern life can cause us to be stressed out, making it harder to lose weight; when you’re trying but can’t lose weight, you can get even more stressed out. The unsuccessful weight loss cycle can also include long days sitting at a desk and feeling too tired to exercise when work is done. You might also be sleep-deprived and eating poorly due to and overly stressed out and busy lifestyle.

The stress-fat connection

Higher concentrations of fat have been linked to higher levels of stress, and stress can make it harder for you to burn fat and lose weight. But that’s not all:

Your body’s normal functions change

Obesity can reprogram your body’s natural systems, making it even harder to lose weight. That’s because those proteins in your cells that preserve fat in your system go into “survival” stress mode, as if they sense you’re starving.

Breaking the cycle

At Alison Wellness Clinic, we can offer the support and guidance that can help you break the obesity-stress cycle. Our medical grade supplements, weight loss support system and nutritional guidance can help you look and feel your best by helping you create a new routine.

One step at a time

It might start with eating less sugar or adding some physical activity into your regular daily routine, but small changes can provide measurable results over time. We can help you insert good habits into your life that can put you on a path to lower weight and lower stress. If you’re struggling with your weight, and can’t manage to get motivated to alter your habits, call us today: (256) 489-5748.

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