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At Allison Wellness, we understand the struggles that many people face when it comes to losing weight. We also understand that perhaps a bigger issue than losing weight is the challenge of keeping it off. That’s why we offer you a personalized program, complete with multiple methods and aids for losing weight and keeping it off.

Why does it have to be so difficult? On paper, the problem of weight loss and maintenance seems as easy as a simple math problem: eat fewer calories + burn more calories = weight loss; repeat. Anyone who has ever worked to get weight off and keep it off knows it’s can be much more difficult. That’s why we’re here to help, and it starts with knowledge.

The challenges of maintaining weight loss

You’re not imagining that keeping weight off is difficult. But if you want confirmation, a recent National Institutes of Health (NIH) study followed 14 of the “World’s Biggest Loser” reality show contestants and found that in the six years after the show, all but one had gained back most of their lost weight. And most had actually continued to diet and exercise.

Here’s a secret reason that it’s hard to keep weight off

There’s all this biochemical activity going on in our bodies, even when we’re not active, that actually serves to keep us breathing, alive and warm. Especially these days, our lifestyles can keep us sitting still for many hours of each day, so for most of us, a big percentage of the calories we expend each day are due to our resting metabolic rate (RMR). Unfortunately, when we lose weight, it can lead to a drop in RMR; in other words, we burn fewer calories when we’re resting.

Large drops in RMR are common when you lose fat through diet or exercise

For losing weight and maintaining that loss, eating a nutritious diet and regular exercise will always be part of the equation. But we will also talk to you about ways to increase your resting metabolic rate for better, long-lasting results.

Get the help and support you need

Make a consultation appointment today. Call: (256) 489-5748.

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