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Whatever your health concerns – overweight, low energy, moodiness, mental decline — Alison Wellness Clinic can create a customized plan that can help support your efforts to feel better, using a proven and unique tool: injection therapy.

We offer our patients treatments through injections of vitamin, mineral and/or amino acids that can provide support for a wide variety of illnesses and health issues. Our injections are targeted to your unique needs for nutritional support, especially if you’ve been feeling fatigued, experiencing chronic colds and flus or struggling with joint pain.

The injections are composed of high grade and highly active vitamins and minerals, the very ones that can cause health issues if you’re deficient. Our injections can aid in everything from weight loss and increased attention span to reducing muscle pain and chronic viral infections.

Here’s a look at our offering Vitamin B-Complex

  • Can help keep the brain, nervous system and red blood cells functioning properly

  • Deficiency can also lead to weight gain, moodiness, sluggishness

Vitamin D

  • Can help reduce belly fat

  • Can help prevent colds and flu

  • Can provide anti-aging benefits for the brain


  • Can help increase the breakdown of fat

  • Can help reduce excess fat in the liver and other tissues

  • Can improve ability to shed fat

Carnatine supplements

  • Can help convert stored fat into energy

  • Can help boost energy

  • Can help slow the aging process

Skinny Shot (Lipotropic plus the B-Complex injections)

  • Provides nutrients that can help support liver function, which can be key to weight loss

  • Can help boost energy

  • Can help increase fat burning

  • Can help speed up metabolism

  • Can help increase liver function by flushing out toxins

A customized plan for you When it comes to creating the right health plan, each person is unique. At Alison Wellness we specialize in your individual needs. And if supplement injections are right for you, they will always be supplemented with one-on-one support from our health experts.

How to get started The first step can be the hardest, but we will work together to make it easier from there. Call for your consultation appointment today: 256-489-5748.

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