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We spent a lot of time this week talking about Matcha. It’s green and beautiful and we can’t wait for you to try it! It’s a popular superfood in most places outside of the US, but we Americans underutilize it – most of us have no idea it exists in our world. Isn’t that a shame? My Matcha loves just gasped in disgust. So, what, where, when, how. I hear you.

Matcha is used in tons of recipes for the baking mom, the smoothie queen, that lemonade girl & even your average chocolate lover. We buy it as a powder which makes it great for teas and drinks. Also, makes it great for breads and cakes. Yes, I totally just said cakes. It’s easy to find in grocery stores like Whole Foods and Publix. And a little bit goes a long way so you won’t be running to the store every other day for more.

Aside from the previously mentioned cool things you can do with this superfood, Matcha does some pretty astounding things for your health. Numero uno is that this plant is packed with antioxidants – including EGCg. This polyphenol is also found in green tea and is known to aid in weight loss. But because Matcha is consumed in powder form, you’re essentially eating the entire leaf which means you’re reaping the benefits (including its EGCg levels) x10 more. Matcha also boosts your metabolism and helps you burn calories, it has a wonderful ability to detox your body, it has calming effects on your mind and aids in relaxation, it’s incredibly rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins & it’s a great mood enhancer – even helps you focus.

It’s easy to sneak into your kids drinks, it’s almost tasteless when combined with other ingredients & fun to experiment with. Try it!

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