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For most of us, one of the worst parts of considering a weight loss program is the (false) belief that we have to give up eating. There are many other weight loss myths that may be preventing you from committing to a weight loss program that we can debunk – and we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Call for a consultation appointment today, and let’s get started: (256) 489-5748. We’ll show you how eating can be a good thing, and summer offers some of the best food choices for weight loss.

Eating certain foods can actually contribute to weight loss At Alison Wellness, we know there’s not really a magical method for losing weight – you have to reduce calorie intake and increase your activity level. But we do know the secrets that can help improve that process and your results.

For example, there is plenty of evidence that eating certain foods can actually speed up metabolism. That means just by eating these foods, you can burn more calories. And when you burn more calories, you can lose weight.

Do you know which foods that can do a better job helping you feel full? When you eat foods that help you feel full, it’s easier to eat fewer calories. Your body simply won’t tell you to eat more when you feel satisfied. And that is key to helping you shed unwanted pounds.

Eat fruit, vegetables and whole grains – you’ve probably heard this before But have you noticed that hot summer weather has a way of making fruits and vegetables taste especially good? And you need to follow your natural instincts, filling up on nutritious foods that taste particularly good during summer months.

Watermelon This might already be one of your summer favorites, but you should also know that it contains the kind of fiber that binds with, and can carry, fat out of our systems. And it contains less calories than many other fruits. It also contains a high percentage of water, helping to keep you hydrated and in a calorie-burning mode.

Gazpacho Vegetable-based, chilled soups usually contain lots of water and lots of fiber, both of which help reduce your appetite (and therefore, your calorie intake).

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