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Juvederm at Alison Wellness Clinic
Juvederm is in a gel form and provides a smoother consistency than other dermal fillers

As we age, the skin gradually loses elasticity resulting in facial creases, lines, and wrinkles. Juvederm provides a solution for those who want a more youthful look and want to add volume to their face. Juvederm is a fantastic option for those who want to get rid of smile lines, crow’s feet, decrease definition in the chin, add more volume to the check bones, or enhance lip fullness.


Juvederm is made from hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Because of this, there is no issue of tissue rejection. Juvederm is in a gel form and provides a smoother consistency than other dermal fillers, which appear granular. The results of your Juvederm injections are almost immediately noticeable.

If you want Juvederm injections, you will first need to arrange a consultation with Alison Wellness Clinic. During this consultation, your specialist will discuss the risks and benefits of the treatment as well as what you can expect from the procedure. This is the perfect time to voice your goals and expectations about what you hope Juvederm can do for you. You and your doctor will decide which areas will be treated after which an appointment will be scheduled for your procedure.

Juvederm is a relatively quick treatment and often takes as long as your lunch break from work. When you arrive at Alison Wellness Clinic for your procedure, you will first be given an anesthetic injection to numb the treatment area. Next, Juvederm will be injected into the pre-specified regions on your face. Patients can often return to work or their typical daily activities after their treatment, but it is recommended that you go home and rest for the day.


Injections last from six months up to a year, but results vary from patient to patient. Juvederm is U.S. FDA approved and is an effective and safe option for those who want to soften and treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and creases.


To learn what Juvederm can do to enhance your look this New Year, contact Alison Wellness Clinic to

today. You can reach our office at  (256) 489-5748 in Huntsville, Alabama.

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