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Frequently asked questions

What is Botox treatment?

Botox or botulinum toxin A is a type of prescription medicine offered at Dunagan, Yates & Alison that improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles on a patient’s skin when introduced into the muscles. Botox does this by blocking the nerve impulses in the problem area, immediately reducing the muscle activity that is responsible for forming the lines between the brows.

How long does Botox last?

We advise our patients that the effects of Botox are only temporary and that patients should discuss regular sessions with their plastic surgeon if they want to maintain their youthful appearance. Botox can also be combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and dermal fillers. Aside from treating the frown lines between the brows, aptly named the “11s”, Botox can also be used to treat frown lines, forehead furrows, crow’s feet, and also skin bands in a patient’s neck.

What is the procedure like?

We always remind our patients that although Botox treatment seems to be a fairly simple procedure, they should make sure that it is being done by a licensed and properly trained cosmetic expert, like Dr. Alison. There are 43 facial muscles and each muscle affects a particular facial movement. It’s important that the practitioner performing the procedure knows which muscle to target to be able to elicit the results desired by the patient. During Botox treatment, a tiny needle is used to inject controlled amounts of Botox into the wrinkle-producing muscle. Once the Botox is injected, the nerve impulse to the muscles is blocked and inhibits their capability to move and therefore no frown lines will be produced. Your cosmetic surgeon will use a local anesthetic to numb the area and the whole procedure will be done in about 15 minutes.

Am I a good candidate?

We do not permit the use of Botox among pregnant women or those who may still be breastfeeding, as well as those with neurological disorders. To find out if Botox is the right treatment for you, contact our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Alison.

Are there any side effects from Botox?

During consultation with our patients, they are advised that all cosmetic procedures have risks. We make sure they are aware of these risks before they agree to have the procedure done. If the Botox treatment is not done by a trained professional it is possible that a patient may experience temporary facial muscles weakness or muscle droop. Other conditions like speech disorders or dysphasia, upper respiratory tract infection, neck pain, headaches, bruising or redness, and nausea are also possible side effects of a Botox treatment gone wrong.

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In our years of practice here at the Alison Wellness Clinic, we have seen trends in cosmetic procedures come and go. But the popularity of Botox is at its peak, and we don’t see the trend changing anytime soon. With increasing consciousness of health and wellness, more people are exploring the options that cosmetic surgery presents. Botox remains one of the most popular choices among our patients. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Alison today. He has a unique ability to customize an anti-aging plan for you, as a patient, to find out if Botox is right for you. 

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