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It might have seemed like a strange notion to your grandparents, or even to your parents, but you don’t just have to sit back and let the years stack up and take their toll. We’re all lucky to be living in the time of age management medicine, one of the main focuses at Alison Wellness Clinic.

21st century health care includes getting more from every year of life

Age management is the term used to describe a medical specialty focusing on:

  • Early disease detection

  • Preventive measures to optimize health

  • Specialized treatments, such as restoring the body’s endocrine balance

  • Reversal of decline associated with aging by delaying indicators

Preventing premature disability and death

Age management techniques can allow you to experience improved quality of life and sense of well being, as well as enhanced longevity. That’s because age-related decline actually can be reduced.

We look at aspects of your life with detrimental effects and show you how to change them – and why you should. The relevant aspects include:

  • Lifestyle

  • Nutrition

  • Daily habits

  • Activity level

  • Medications

  • Hormone levels

Aging is inevitable, but you don’t have to take it lying down

We all grow older – it’s unavoidable. But age management medicine is showing us how lifestyle changes combined with modern technology can help us slow down our body’s natural degeneration. When you improve the state of your body and your mind, you can maximize the years you do have.

Alison Wellness Clinic age management measures

We have identified several treatments that can positively impact the body’s natural degeneration:

1.) Daily supplements

Few of us are able to “feed” our bodies the level of nutrients required every day in order to produce necessary energy. Supplements can balance the deficit that manifests as aging symptoms.

2.) Hormone therapy for women

Age management medicine can help counteract the decrease in hormonal output that affects a woman’s physical and mental health.

3.) Hormone therapy for men

Changes in physical, sexual and cognitive functions can be managed to help provide increased libido, lower blood pressure and decreased abdominal fat.

Get your personalized age management plan

Call for an appointment today: (256) 489-5748.

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