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As the saying goes, “unless you’ve been living under a rock,” you likely know about Botox and what injections of the substance can do to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. You probably also know basically how it works, by blocking nerve impulses to reduce the muscle movements that cause lines on the face. But that’s not all.

Better skin with Botox

Botox does a great job paralyzing certain facial muscles to give us a more youthful appearance. Recent research shows that Botox treatments may actually make your skin better, seeming to break the rules of aging skin.

The aging process is unavoidable

Our repeated facial expressions over time wrinkle the face. Another normal part of the aging process is declining levels of elastin and collagen, causing it to sag. Together, these two factors contribute to facial aging.

Experts began to notice that Botox was turning back the clock

They noted that skin treated with Botox regained some elasticity and pliability, an effect not related to paralyzing the facial muscles. So researchers decided to examine the effect more closely, giving 48 women, average age 55, their first Botox injections. They followed the women for four months to observe the effects.

Here’s what researchers found

Botox increased skin stretchiness and elastic response, causing changes in actual composition, making it similar to younger skin. And the researchers found no evidence that the tightening and firming effect was due to any injection-caused inflammation or swelling, as originally suspected.

Your takeaway

Researchers report finding that standard Botox treatment techniques increased elasticity, making skin more like what you’d see in younger skin. They saw evidence that people using Botox to paralyze facial muscles were, for some reason, also getting more elastin and collagen in their skin. Botox seems to temporarily improve our skin’s ability to stretch and then bounce back, by promoting production of our own natural elastin and collagen, proteins that make skin tight, firm and flexible in our younger years.

See for yourself Make an appointment for Botox injections to treat your frown lines and wrinkles – and your skin. Call today: (256) 489-5748.

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