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Grocery Store TOURS

Grocery Store Tours Huntsville Alabama Alison Wellness Clinic

Make Better choices at the grocery store


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make better choices at the Grocery Store or just learn how to read a label? You are in luck! Alison Wellness is now offering Grocery Store Tours.

On this tour you will receive a grocery list specific to your program, plus you will learn how to shop and make educated choices on processed foods vs whole foods, which ultimately affects your overall health. Learn how to read labels, what to look for, and just be comfortable with the overall experience.

Space is limited, so please sign up in advance. ONLY 6 people for the group tour. Private Tours are also available. Please call the office to sign up for a tour.


1 ½ hour Group Tours:

  • $15 per person

  • $25 per couple (Family members only)

  • Only 6 people per tour

1 ½ hour Private Store Tour:

  • $89


Space is limited 

Call 256-489-5748 to sign up.

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